28 July 2010

Don't be Stationary

In my line of work as a visual communicator and design/print consultant I deal with a lot of printers and graphic designers. There are many ways to tell the good from the bad, my favorite is the malapropism "stationary". It is painstakingly hard for me to take anyone who works with design/printing/paper seriously when they don't know their product.

There are an astonishing number of people out there who use the wrong word and yet every time I see it on someone's website I giggle aloud. So often I will visit a designer's site and see them telling me how great they are and really trying to sell themselves and then they just end up shooting themselves in the foot with one word.

I would never hire someone who shows off "stationary" design, but apparently there are people out there who would. This misuse makes me believe that they are a stationary designer/printer and never evolving in their work; their process is never moving forward.

Remember, just because you can spell a word correctly doesn't mean it's the right one.