17 September 2010

Innovations in 3-D Printing

This is a pretty awesome video highlighting the capabilities of 3-D printing. Since this blog is about printing (among other things) I thought that all types of printing should be included. This is also a glance at something that most people wouldn't necessarily think of when they think printing.

I love the ability to create prosthetics and how Summit can really emphasize and push the design aspect of the limbs. In this instance, form and function are working together and complementing one another for a great result.

How cool could it be to draw something up and shortly have your very own prototype?

03 September 2010

Hello Brooklyn!

So this video has been around for a bit, but I thought I would post it for a few reasons: 1) The typography is great  2) It has a sample of Marvin Gaye and  3) I am heading to NYC this weekend and needed a catchy song stuck in my head.