22 October 2010


Today, there was an article by CBS Moneywatch.com about when to call in the pros to do something. The number two item on the list was Formal Printing Jobs. I love this! I feel like everyone these days is going cheap on their printing. For some reason people think they can do a better job than someone who actually knows a thing or two about printing. Only with the rare exception do I relate to this logic. If you actually know what you're doing and it's a small quantity, go ahead Joe and give it a shot.

If you're trying to go cheap on something that you shouldn't be, reconsider. One of my best friends was about to get her wedding invitations for free (gasp!) before I stepped in and saved her from utter humiliation. That's one place I will never understand the logic as a girl's wedding day is one of the most important days of her life. The invitation for your wedding (or any event) sets the tone for the entire affair.

Commercial printers know their stuff. They can help you out and provide valuable insight on your specific job. Most people on the whole, I think, know little to nothing about commercial printing. Don't get me wrong, every job should not be commercially printed, but some things should. And you should not go cheap on them.

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