23 December 2011

Annual Traditions

For the holidays, many people have traditions that they keep every year. One of ours is making (really strong) egg nog. And me being a designer, I feel the need to create a new label for it every year. Here's a look at this year's label along with the other ones from the past. This is the third year we've made our nog. Happy holidays!

2012 Label
Tons of type returned for 2012 with a bold blackletter. Printed on gloss white crack and peel.

2011 Label
This one has to be my favorite so far. Tons more type on the label and the brown kraft crack and peel will probably be making another appearance in the future.

2010 Label
I loved the colors on this one... and the big, chocolate colored type. The homebrew bottles were introduced as a vessel.

2009 Label
This was the first one and done in a hurry. Literally, I started designing this 30 minutes before attending a holiday party in which we were taking this egg nog.

19 December 2011

The Designer Fund

This has to be one of the best infographics I've seen lately. The Designer Fund came up with this awesome, fully interactive infographic to show billions worth of value created by startups with designer co-founders. You can flip the cards more for information or sort on the left, which is a wicked cool touch. Try it for yourself.